Case Study: CCC China Task Group Moves Digital Key Progress in the Region

China has been the world’s largest automotive manufacturer since 2009. Over a decade later, the country produces over one-third of vehicles sold around the globe. Now, the China market has shifted its focus toward developing intelligent and connected vehicles, making it a leader in the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

To strengthen the CCC’s presence in China, CCC leadership launched the China Market Task Group (CMTG) in July 2022. The group, made up of members located in China, collaborates on CCC Digital Key specifications during organized events and improves accessibility for technical groups.

“Achieving a universal and interoperable digital key with great user experience would not be possible without a localized focus on the automotive market in China,” CMTG chair Canfeng Chen said. “The CMTG allows us to accommodate language and travel barriers for our members in China and move innovation forward with members’ expertise.”

Localized Events Participation

In a September 2022 CCC member survey, over 80% of respondents said it is essential for the CCC to organize events in China, including tradeshows, conferences, speaking opportunities and other awareness activities.

Addressing member needs, the CMTG planned the inaugural CCC China Seminar during a December 2022 Tech G conference, where members collaborated and shared their unique views on the current state and future of digital key technology. The 50 member companies in attendance discussed issues like software, connectivity, implementation, and the test and certification of CCC Digital Key Release 3 Specification.

Additionally, CMTG members have participated in other industry events and conferences. This member involvement has produced insights that only come from vibrant discussions and partnerships. For example, a CCC China Seminar speaker from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) shared the prediction that vehicles will transform from a transportation tool to an intelligent mobile terminal, energy storage unit and digital space.

At the April 2023 Auto Cybersecurity and Innovation Summit, CCC Director Yu Lei discussed how innovative solutions can address the challenges of car connectivity. The lively conversation focused on how the automotive industry will incorporate smart phones and cloud servers into their products.

In-person collaboration is important for leaders across the vehicle manufacturing, smart device and semiconductor industries to connect and drive innovation forward. As the CCC Digital Key progresses as a global standard for digital vehicle accessibility, the CMTG will continue to prioritize opportunities for members to connect face-to-face.

Accessible Virtual Collaboration

When in-person work is not possible or time zone differences are a barrier to meeting, virtual task group discussions allow for important work to continue. Similar to the CCC’s four primary working groups, the CMTG meets monthly to collaborate on technical specifications and discuss how to further the future of the CCC Digital Key. In the CMTG, there is an emphasis on improving the accessibility of CCC materials for global members, like translating specification white papers to Chinese.

In meetings and discussions hosted by members of Xiaomi, Continental, BMW, and Ingeek, members’ insights and questions are valued. Meeting minutes are well-documented in Chinese and English, and no meeting is adjourned until all member concerns are addressed.

“Every question remains open until consensus has been reached,” Min Wang, Vice Chair of CMTG, said. “We make sure members’ insights are discussed because they are important to progressing the CCC Digital Key.”

The CMTG also works to virtually address logistical questions in We-Chat groups where members can receive instant responses. When questions require greater CCC outreach, CMTG members will communicate with other CCC leadership. The connection between the CMTG and greater Consortium is where the task group can share their unique perspectives from inside the China automotive market and advocate for what is best for the technology.

Continued Focus on the China Market

China will remain an important global partner in the digital auto transformation for years to come. Joining the CCC and CMTG are two ways of elevating Chinese perspectives in the greater CCC Digital Key discussion through collaboration across industries.

To prioritize our members in China and promote in-person innovation, CCC President Alysia Johnson and Vice President Daniel Knobloch are traveling across China in August 2023 to visit with vehicle manufacturers and host an Open House and Plugfest events. To participate in these opportunities, learn more here.

Blog Authored by Canfeng Chen, China Market Task Group Chair

Canfeng Chen is the China Market Task Group Chair for the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). He is the Director at Standard and New Technology Department of Xiaomi Corporation. With more than 15 years of experience in product concepting and engineering in mobile and IoT industry, Canfeng has been driving the market adoption of CCC technical standards through collaborative innovation across industries, including intelligent and connected automobile industry.