What You Need to Know About CCC’s Membership Levels and Benefits

The Car Connectivity Consortium is a membership driven organization comprised of companies in consumer electronics, vehicle OEMs, application vendors and others. Our members are engaged in our mission to come together as experts in their respective fields to share in a legacy of teamwork.  There are three levels of membership, each of which has unique engagement opportunities.

Core Membership gives members in this level the opportunity to be a part of the development of specifications, white papers, and other critical deliverables.  This membership level paves unlimited engagement within each Working Group and subgroup, both in a voting capacity and for leadership positions.  Core members may contribute and have exclusive early access to all CCC documents prior to publication and have unlimited free certifications.  For any company looking to make their mark in the connected vehicle arena, this is the access you will need.

For those companies seeking a way to keep close watch on CCC deliverables but not ready for full engagement, the Adopter Membership may be the right path. This level affords a path to observe at face-to-face members meetings, typically held three times per year.  Adopter Members have access to completed and approved CCC deliverables and Certification Programs, with one free certification annually and additional certifications for a fee.  Adopter Membership is a great entry into the CCC if you are new to the industry and looking to learn more about the organization.

For full engagement including within the governing leadership of the CCC, the Charter Membership level provides the opportunity to appoint participation on the Board of Directors and seek election to CCC Officer roles.  Charter Member companies are very often actively engaged in multiple Working Groups and subgroups and have all the same benefits as Core Members within these groups and the Certification Programs.  Charter Members are approved by the CCC Board of Directors.

Membership fees are based on annual revenue, and the details on fees and specific member benefits can be found here.

When you are ready to join our organization, you can find the Membership Application here

If you have any additional questions, you can reach out directly at admin@carconnectivity.org. 

We hope you consider becoming a member to help in driving forward CCC’s mission to provide future technology standards that will be used on smart devices and vehicles across the globe.


Blog Authored by Alysia Johnson, President

Alysia Johnson is the president of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). Alysia first joined the CCC in May 2022 as vice president, bringing over two decades of experience as an operational strategist with a proven track record of growing the global impact of technology organizations. As president of the CCC, Alysia works closely with the Board of Directors and the membership community of over 200 member companies to direct a strong, sustainable vision for future technology standards that will be used on smart devices and vehicles across the globe.