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Car Connectivity Consortium Group Expanding

Published in RFID Journal on December 4, 2023. FiRa Consortium and RF-star to work with CCC on digital key standards […]

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Digital car keys are here. Are we ready?

Published in The Verge on November 27, 2023. NFC versus ultra wideband. Tap-to-start versus passive signals. If we’re going to […]

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Digital Car Key and Ultra Wideband Groups Team Up for Future Apple Car Keys Improvements

Published in MacRumors on November 16, 2023. The way vehicles take advantage of new connectivity standards could be improving in […]

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Digital car keys could finally get safer and more popular soon – here’s why

Published in TechRadar on November 17, 2023. Apple-led consortium plans new standards for ultra-wideband Keyless car theft is rampant in […]

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Using your iPhone to start your car is about to get a lot easier

Published in The Verge on November 16, 2023. Digital keys are getting more popular, but now, a new working group […]

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Car Connectivity Consortium and FiRa Consortium Partner on UWB Technology Used in the CCC Digital Key

Published in Business Wire on November 16, 2023. The formation of the Joint UWB MAC PHY Working Group will focus […]

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WRC Spectrum Letter

WRC Spectrum Letter November 09, 2023 TO: US WRC representatives: FCC: Jonathan Campbell,, Ethan Lucarelli,, NTIA: Alan Davidson, […]

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Why we need to create a secure future for the Automotive Digital Key

Published in SC Magazine on September 26, 2023. The value of the automotive digital key market will surpass $3 billion […]

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