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Saving More Lives: NOVELDA Expands Safety Applications of its UWB In-Cabin Sensors with Multi-Target Occupancy Detection

Published in IOT Evolution on April 8, 2024 Late last November, IoT Evolution covered critical partnership news regarding the Car Connectivity Consortium […]

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Unlocking the potential of the digital automotive key market

Published in Tech Trends Post on March 24, 2024 What is a Digital Car Key? A digital car key, put […]

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Marquardt and doubleSlash launch digital key system

Published in The Economic Times Business Verticals on February 27, 2024 The system combines hardware and software components and complies […]

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Car Connectivity Consortium launches certification program for NFC digital car key interoperability

Published in NFCW on December 15, 2023 The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) has launched a CCC Digital Key Certification program designed to […]

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If you want to use a digital key to drive your car, look for this logo

Published in The Verge on December 11, 2023. The Car Connectivity Consortium announced a new certification for digital keys to […]

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Car Connectivity Consortium Launches CCC Digital Key Certification, Delivering Market Credibility and Interoperability

Published in Business Wire on December 11, 2023. The CCC Digital Key Certification provides vehicle and device manufacturers with critical […]

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Car Connectivity Consortium Group Expanding

Published in RFID Journal on December 4, 2023. FiRa Consortium and RF-star to work with CCC on digital key standards […]

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Digital car keys are here. Are we ready?

Published in The Verge on November 27, 2023. NFC versus ultra wideband. Tap-to-start versus passive signals. If we’re going to […]

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