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Be In The Driver’s Seat

Valued members of the Car Connectivity Consortium get the coveted driver’s seat. Yes, everyone gets a say and a vote in the future of smart technology shaping the world. The key to connectivity is the CCC Digital Key, and shareability is the road to unlocking industry-wide global interoperability and a consistently great user experience. The CCC is a place where everyone comes together as experts in their field to represent their companies and share in a legacy of teamwork. Let’s accelerate connection, communication, and collaboration. We have the keys and would like to share them with you.

Key Benefits

  • Review and provide comments to specifications and guidelines prior to publication
  • Access to members-only website with exclusive early access to documents prior to publication
  • Access to support documentation and materials concerning Digital Key specifications, test tools and IP licensing
  • Publication in the members list on the CCC website and in other promotional materials
  • The right to use the CCC Digital Key trademark
  • Access to the certification program
Side by Side

Comparison Of Membership

Benefit Charter Core Adopter
Board of Directors Yes No No
Voting Rights Yes Yes No
Chairperson Candidacy Yes Yes No
Number of Participants Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CCC Meeting Attendance Unlimited Unlimited Limited
Participate in CCC Working Groups Yes Yes No
Access to Certification Program Yes Yes Yes
Access to Draft Specs and Guidance Yes Yes No
Access to Final Specs Yes Yes Yes
Use of Digital Key TM Logo Yes Yes Yes
Access to Marketing Programs Yes Yes Yes (Limited)
Access to Members-only & Public Website Yes Yes Yes (Limited)
Listed as a Member on the CCC Website Yes Yes Yes

Membership Levels

There are currently three levels of CCC membership available – Charter, Core and Adopter – and fees are based on a company’s annual revenue. Your membership level determines how much influence your organization will have in driving the CCC’s mission.

Annual Fees for Non-Profits and for Companies with Revenues Less than $100 Million*
Annual Fees for Companies with Revenues of $100 Million or More*

Charter membership



Core membership



Adopter membership



Become A Member Of The CCC

Join our global community of movers and shakers. How exactly do you get a seat at our — very large — table of industry influencers? It’s simple! Review the CCC policies and procedures below and submit the Membership Application. Any questions can be directed to

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