CCC Digital Key Certification


The many benefits of CCC Digital Key Certification

1.Enhanced Credibility: Certification instills trust among consumers, partners, and stakeholders. The certification mark proves your commitment to meeting industry and program standards that produce secure, interoperable products that provide the best user experience.

2. Proven Interoperability: Certification ensures global interoperability and compatibility for products and experiences. Getting CCC Digital Key Certified shows your product meets the established specifications and standards of the program.

3. Logo Use: The CCC Digital Key Certification logo embodies trust, security, and interoperability. When your customers and partners see the CCC Digital Key Certification logo, they know your product completed the Car Connectivity Consortium certification program for interoperability testing.

How To Get Certified

Getting CCC Digital Key Certified is Easy!

Just follow these simple steps:


Certification is Free for all CCC Members (Some restrictions apply). Core members can attend Plugfests and participate in all Working Groups. Adopter members also have access to the Certification Program.


Apply for Certification:

Complete the Certification Application and Certification Mark License Agreement.

Select your preferred Authorized Test Laboratory.

Schedule your test date.


You’ve passed the test!
Display your Certification Certificate.
Increase your visibility and strengthen your branding with the CCC Digital Key logo.
See the Brand Usage Guidelines for details.


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Certification Mark

  • Once you are certified you will want to promote that by displaying the CCC Digital Key word mark and logo on your products and packaging.
  • When customers see the CCC Digital Key Certification Mark they can trust that your digital key is going to work.
  • Our CCC Digital Key Brand Guidelines are simple and designed to help you get the most out of your CCC Digital Key Certification

Distinguished Authorized Laboratories

These laboratories around the globe have been carefully vetted and authorized as partners of the Car Connectivity Consortium. As CCC Members themselves, they fully embrace the CCC Digital Key solution and are ready to manage each certification testing.

View Authorized Test Labaratories

Become a CCC Authorized Test Laboratory!

Only test laboratories that successfully complete all requirements are authorized to provide a CCC Digital Key Certification. This program ensures proven interoperability among WiFi devices and smart vehicles.

Certified Product Showcase

If you are a CCC member company and would like to display your certified product please contact