Unlocking the potential of the digital automotive key market

Published in Tech Trends Post on March 24, 2024

What is a Digital Car Key?

A digital car key, put simply is a feature that can enable the end-user to unlock their car door through their smart device – replacing the need for a physical key or a fob.

What are the benefits of digital car keys?

Besides never having to worry about misplaced keys again (we’ve all been there), there are several other tangible benefits of digital car keys – including:

  • Car owners can virtually share car keys with friends and family members. So for example, say a family member needed keys to the car, but it wasn’t possible to meet up in person to hand them over – a digital key ensures they can have access when needed.
  • The need to check in at a car rentals desk is removed, as rental owners can digitally share keys with customers.
  • Company car fleet owners can digitally share car keys with employees, giving access for a specific day or period of time.

In short, digital keys enable car owners to easily manage the use of their vehicles from a smart device, in a seamless way.

What are the trends driving the market?

The Automotive Digital Key Market is expected to increase by USD 640.39 million from 2021 to 2026, according to forecasts by market researchers Technavio. So, what’s driving this adoption forward?

According to the Technavio report, while the use of smartphones as a digital key is still in its early stages – there are examples of some manufacturers including this capability in wearable devices. An example of this in action is Jaguar Land Rover, and the introduction of the activity key wearable.

Another example is Apple CarKey, allowing iPhone or Apple Watch users to unlock cars wirelessly.

Another key trend in the market, as with any new technology entering the mainstream, is the need for standardizing technical standards and ensuring robust levels of security. This is the main driver behind groups such as the Car Connectivity Consortium.

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