Get to Know Ian Televik: CCC’s Marketing Director

While most of our work at the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) focuses on engineering the CCC Digital Key Certification and standard, our marketing efforts are vital in propelling the universal adoption of our technology. As a proprietary standard, the CCC Digital Key requires communications that educate audiences and show the possibilities of an interoperable and secure CCC Digital Key.

Today, we’re proud to introduce Ian Televik as the CCC’s new Marketing Director. In this position, Ian will lead the CCC’s external and internal communications efforts and play an essential role in uplifting the awareness and reputation of the consortium.

We sat down with Ian to learn more about his background, what brought him to the CCC, and what he’s eager to achieve as Marketing Director.

What’s your background and why did you want to join the CCC?

I’ve always been drawn to the automotive and technology sectors and am fortunate to have gained considerable experience at large OEMs and EV startups. The CCC is at the intersection of my interests and expertise, so it’s a great fit.

The prospect of shaping the future of the automotive mobility industry, particularly in electric and connected vehicles, is fascinating. I admire the CCC’s thoughtful approach to defining the CCC Digital Key standard and am thrilled to join the team.

What excites you about the CCC Digital Key? 

The CCC Digital Key is an opportunity for the automotive and smart device industries to adopt a truly universal and interoperable standard, which is incredibly important for improving the connected car experience. I’ve used digital keys that have frustrated me to the point of solely relying on my physical key fob after just a couple of months. By bringing together leaders across industries to collaborate on the CCC Digital Key, the CCC is laying the foundation for a better digital key user experience with reliable and secure technology.

Where do you see the CCC in five years?

In the next five years, I expect for the CCC Digital Key to be globally recognized and well-integrated into automotive and smart device implementations. Consumers will seek out the CCC Digital Key logo because they know it means they can securely and seamlessly use a digital key with their vehicle. Beyond that, I see the CCC tackling new technology standards that continue to improve the overall connected car experience.

As Marketing Director, what are your goals to elevate the CCC? 

The CCC is a group of extremely talented and accomplished members. As Marketing Director, I want to share the CCC’s story with our members as its heroes. There is excellent work going on at the CCC, and I intend to ensure our industry peers and general consumers know about it. I’m eager to work with CCC members in and out of their technical work and collaborate on marketing campaigns and industry-leading case studies and analyses.

My ultimate goal is to continue building the CCC’s reputation as one of the leading technology standards organizations worldwide. Our international membership and global reach will be essential to achieving this goal.

And finally, what are you passionate about outside of work? 

Conveniently, I’m a huge automotive enthusiast. I’m always searching for my next EV, weekend sports car, and motorcycle — much to my wife’s frustration. And when I’m not shuttling our kids to swim, tennis, dance, or school functions, I enjoy being outside as much as possible. I live in Southern California, so preferably, I’ll be near or at the beach.

We’re excited to see all Ian accomplishes as the CCC’s Marketing Director. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get involved with the CCC, please visit

Ian Televik, CCC’s Marketing Director