Car Connectivity Consortium launches certification program for NFC digital car key interoperability

Published in NFCW on December 15, 2023

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) has launched a CCC Digital Key Certification program designed to embody trust, interoperability and compatibility and show that certified products conform to global compatibility standards for NFC digital car keys.

“The certification is pivotal to instilling trust among consumers and the industry because CCC Digital Key provides a global standard for interoperability,” the consortium says.

“This enables auto and device manufacturers to deliver secure, user-friendly experiences for digital keys.”

Once CCC members have received certification for their NFC digital keys after testing at an authorised testing lab, they will be able to feature the CCC Digital Key mark on products, manuals, marketing materials and websites so that “when customers and partners see the certification logo they know they will get the CCC Digital Key experience that is trusted, interoperable and works as expected”, the consortium explains.

“The CCC Digital Key Certification is a critical piece we’ve needed for a universal standard to be possible,” says the consortium’s technical director Glen Stone.

“The certification not only bolsters a CCC Digital Key product as credible, but it also validates that the product will work seamlessly with other CCC Digital key solutions in the ecosystem.”

• CCC vice president Daniel Knobloch reported on the future of digital car keys in an interview for NFCW’s Contactless World Congress in May. 

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