SGS Brightsight B.V.

SGS Brightsight is the number one security evaluation lab in the world, providing security evaluations for the full range of IT products. With 40 years of experience, and a growing global network of state-of-the-art laboratories, we provide security evaluations as well as comprehensive training and professional advisory. We support those who need to show compliance with public and/or private regulation. Industry sectors include for example Automotive, MedTech, Consumer IoT, Telecommunication, Government and Payment. We focus on reliability and transparency, to support customers achieving compliance statements in time.


SGS Brightsight is highly experienced in ISO15408/Common Criteria evaluations, the underlying method for assessing Digital Keys. SGS Brightsight is recognized, amongst others, by the Dutch, German and Singaporean and Spanish Common Criteria Schemes and prepared for the upcoming EU Common Criteria Scheme. In collaboration with other SGS parts we can offer other security evaluations, e.g. IEC 21434, ISO27001 and TISAX.


We operate 55+ laboratory setups, employ 170+ specialist security evaluators, and perform 700+ evaluations a year. We are dedicated to guiding our clients throughout every stage of the security evaluation process, from development to release, enabling them to deliver security compliant solutions to markets worldwide. As a laboratory recognized by more than 50 international schemes, SGS Brightsight offers efficient security evaluations by reusing results or combining evaluations where possible.