Share Digital Car Keys Globally Using Secure And Private Technology

Shanghai, China

Digital Key allows consumers to easily and confidently use their mobile devices to access vehicles.

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Kaili has granted Howard Access to her vehicle

Via CCC Digital Key until Wednesday

New York, USA
Who we are

We Connect Smart Vehicles With Smart Mobile Technologies

The Car Connectivity Consortium is the global driving force behind vehicle accessibility for all smart mobile devices. Our unique collaboration between the world’s top car companies and consumer electronics manufacturers enables technologies that set the gold standard for cross-platform end-to-end interoperability. We open and authorize trusted test labs to our membership for certification, assuring the highest product quality and security. The CCC Digital Key is used on millions of vehicles and is built on a single specification that unlocks possibilities for drivers worldwide. Together, we are building the future of accessibility.




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Be Part Of The Future Of Vehicle-To-Smartphone Connectivity

The CCC member companies consisting of smartphone and vehicle manufacturers, automotive tier-1 suppliers, silicon/chip vendors, security product suppliers, and more.

The Board of Directors of CCC includes individuals from charter member companies Apple, BMW, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Google, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz AG, NXP B.V., Panasonic, Samsung, Thales, Volkswagen, and Xiaomi.



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CCC Digital Key Certification

A Foundation Of Trust

Establish trust and ensure security and interoperability with a Digital Key Certification Mark from the CCC. Our industry-leading compliance process and global authorized test lab program will be open to all CCC members. Available soon, the CCC Certification Program will help member companies at all levels of the ecosystem, including components, modules, smart vehicles, and smart mobile devices, ensure that their products comply with the CCC Digital Key Specification and that they can confidently display the CCC Digital Key Logo Mark on their products.

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“The broad industry support for CCC Digital Key is evident as participation in this event showcased the value and need for companies to bring this technology to market,” said Dr. Kyung Ryu, Director Android Automotive at Google. “Being able to test this implementation means we are one step closer in providing consumers the benefits of truly convenient and wireless experience with digital keys, and CCC is driving the universal interoperable standard.”

Continental Automotive Technologies GmbH

The CCC is leading the charge in creating the worldwide standard for CCC Digital Key and this event is helping to get the industry closer to making this standard a reality,” said Markus Doering, Continental. “We are excited to be able to collaborate with CCC members to ensure the implementation is secure and accurate as we move forward towards the certification.”

Comprion GmbH

“We are proud to be part of the CCC Plugfest and that our CCC Digital Key end-to-end interoperability testing tool is used to uncover communication issues. We believe that only comprehensive automated testing will ultimately lead to the best customer experience. It is therefore the precondition for customer acceptance and the success of digital key implementations,” said Andreas Schreckenberg, Product Manager at Comprion.