Seat adds MirrorLink to new Ibiza

SEAT is launching the new Ibiza with a package of innovative technologies. New engines, individual equipment options, additional safety systems and, above all, a completely new line-up of connectivity and infotainment once again make the Ibiza range one of the best and most multi-faceted offerings in its class.

Connectivity is a central factor is today’s world – and a focal point when it comes to developing SEAT models. In the new Ibiza, the Spanish brand is using the second generation of its Easy Connect infotainment systems. The new MediaSystem plus and the Navi System can also be enhanced with the MirrorLink function, which provides perfect integration of smartphones into the car infotainment system. Thanks to MirrorLink, mobile phone functions and a wide range of apps can be used safely inside the vehicle. Taking this opportunity, SEAT has developed its own app for MirrorLink, called SEAT DriveApp. SEAT can connect the most frequently smpartphone systems. The Full Link (comprising with MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) connection between Easy Connect in the New SEAT Ibiza means that new Ibiza drivers are always connected, whatever smartphone they use and able to retain their full concentration on the road. In line with this connectivity, SEAT has announced a partnership agreement with SAMSUNG to develop technological solutions to provide total connectivity across SEAT’s range of models.

New safety systems

Drowsiness at the wheel is still the cause of many and severe accidents. The new drowsiness warning system in the SEAT Ibiza recognises diminishing driver concentration on the basis of steering characteristics, and provides a timely warning. Another new safety system is the multi-collision brake. Following a severe collision, it automatically slows down the vehicle to dissipate the remaining kinetic energy. If the airbag is activated by the initial collision, the electronic stability programme applies the brakes and switches on the hazard lights.

Latest-generation infotainment

The latest-generation infotainment systems with touchscreen operation and integrated Navi System can receive DAB digital radio and play music from an iPod or smartphone via a USB port or Bluetooth profile. Voice control is integrated as of the MediaSystem plus and smartphone integration Mirror Link can also be selected for perfect connectivity while travelling. For a really rich sound, there is the new SEAT Sound System. Six speakers, a ten-litre bass box in the boot, an additional amplifier and individual setting options in the sound menu will satisfy even the most discerning of ears.

Four optional ultrasound sensors front and rear provide proximity monitoring when parking, and deliver warnings both acoustically and via the display. A reversing camera is also available as an option. It aids parking by displaying guidelines in the monitor.

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Source: SEAT


By Telematics News
Published: 07 May 2015
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