Glympse Unveils Glympse for Autos; Announces Integration with Volkswagen and Peugeot via MirrorLink

Location Sharing Technology Now Accessible in 10 Global Automobile Brands

SEATTLE, WA — March 3, 2015 — Glympse, the pioneer in location sharing technology, has announced the latest version of the company’s flagship app: Glympse for Autos. The company also announced its industry-leading location technology will be integrated into select Volkswagen and Peugeot models via MirrorLink®, the most ingenious way to bring smartphone content to the dash. With these latest automakers on board, Glympse is now accessible within 10 leading car brands, in dozens of countries across the globe.

With Glympse for Autos, users can quickly and easily share location from their vehicle by simply opening the app in a connected car, setting the recipient and timer, and hitting send. No need to update or access for the duration that the Glympse is active. The new app was designed with car safety in mind, and it includes large buttons so the driver can quickly send their location and then set off on their way. The contact will then be able to see the driver’s ongoing, real-time location on a map. As with all Glympse apps, the driver determines how long they would like their location to be available — up to four hours — and it automatically expires once the timer is up.

“Using apps within the confines of your automobile is fundamentally different than how you use apps while not driving a car. Not every app makes sense to use from the dashboard; safety is paramount when behind the wheel,” said Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse. “With the availability of Glympse for Autos and our integration with MirrorLink, we are helping to set a paradigm of how connected car apps should be: simple, easy to use and driver-aware. Glympse elegantly removes the temptation to text or reply to all those questions of ‘where are you’?”

By integrating with MirrorLink in Volkswagen and Peugeot vehicles, drivers can access Glympse location technology directly from their car’s dashboard with seamless connectivity between their phone and the infotainment system. MirrorLink is the leading industry standard for car-smartphone connectivity and is designed for maximum interoperability between a wide range of smartphones and cars. MirrorLink is also the only OS- and OEM-agnostic standard for car-smartphone connectivity and the only vendor-neutral standard where no single entity has a controlling stake. MirrorLink thus offers the quickest global route to more responsible and enjoyable connected driving.

“Glympse’s focus is the same as ours: providing drivers with tools they need to make their lives easier, but mitigating distractions so they can concentrate on the road,” said MirrorLink Evangelist Antti Aumo. “We are setting the standard for how connected cars and drivers will operate in the future, and we are excited to have Glympse along for the journey.”

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About Glympse

Glympse® is the pioneer of person-to-person time-based location sharing technology. With an intuitive design and enhanced features, the company easily integrates location sharing into everyday activities, meetings and events. Glympse has partnered with many top-tier companies, including Blackberry, BMW/MINI, Ford, Garmin, GM, Gogo Inflight, Kik, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes, NAVIGON, Pebble, Samsung, Verizon and Vodafone, which have integrated the Glympse brand and enterprise platform into their own products and applications. The company is backed by Menlo Ventures, Ignition Partners, Verizon Ventures, Naya Ventures and UMC Capital.

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