Car Connectivity Consortium announces New Verticals for Specification Development — Smartphone as Key and Car Data Marketplace

Car Connectivity Consortium announces New Verticals for Specification Development — Smartphone as Key and Car Data Marketplace

Beaverton, OR – June 27, 2016 — The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving global technologies for phone-centric car connectivity solutions, today announced that two new work items have been approved by the Board of Directors and are now submitted for specification development within the organization.  The two items are Smartphone as Key and creation of a Car Data Marketplace to support technologies such as usage-based insurance.

“Car Connectivity Consortium’s unique position as an organization with representatives from all segments of the connected car ecosystem offers automakers and mobile handset vendors a forum for the industry to simplify implementation through standardization”, said Alan Ewing, president and executive director of the CCC. “Our role as this standardization forum ultimately helps the consumers of connected technologies enjoy the most robust user experience possible. We are excited about expanding our efforts beyond our current MirrorLink work.”

Smartphone as Key has been on the development horizon for many automakers and handset vendors.  The proprietary approaches currently being developed and deployed lack wide adoption made possible by a standardized approach.  By leveraging experts from the entire ecosystem, the concerns of reliability and security can be fully addressed.  The need for such technology is driven by the changing needs and attitudes of today’s drivers. Smartphone as Key supports car sharing, fleet management and other valuable use cases.  For users this allows use of the smartphone to lock, unlock, start the engine and share access to the car.

Utilizing car data has also been widely discussed in the industry for some time without significant progress and just as in the Smartphone as Key case there is a lack of a standard approach.  Building on our current infrastructure, CCC can provide a standardized, secure and safe way to provide data management.  As an independent third party we serve to ensure that issues of privacy and security are effectively addressed.  CCC’s Car Data Marketplace will benefit consumers and industry alike by wide adoption of usage based insurance, real-time road condition monitoring, integrated vehicle maintenance and more.  We will first concentrate on the needs of usage-based insurance for the Car Data Marketplace and then expand into other use-cases.

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