BT Software Partners with France Médias Monde To Launch 3 New Apps In Over 12 Languages with MirrorLink® Compatibility

BT Software Partners with France Médias Monde To Launch 3 New Apps In Over 12 Languages with MirrorLink® Compatibility
Three new apps under the France Médias Monde branding — France 24, Radio France Internationale (RFI) and Monte Carlo Doualiya (MCD) will be accessible in 2015 vehicles via MirrorLink® car/smartphone connectivity standard

Geneva International Motor Show, Geneva, Switzerland (March 9, 2015) – BT Software and Research, Inc., the makers of Kaliki Audio Newsstand, has announced today they will launch three new MirrorLink®-enabled applications in conjunction with France Médias Monde for worldwide owners of MirrorLink-enabled vehicles. MirrorLink is the most ingenious way to bring smartphone content to the dashboard. Huge icons make apps easy to use and smart technology knows if the car is moving or stationary. Slated for release later this year, France Médias Monde’s MirrorLink-enabled apps include:

– “France 24 for Auto”: France 24, the international news channel, broadcasts 24/7 to 280 million homes around the world in French, English, and Arabic. The three languages have a combined weekly audience of 43.2 million TV viewers. From its newsroom in Paris, France 24 gives a French perspective on global affairs through a network of several hundred correspondents located in nearly every country ( The “France 24 for Auto” app will provide audio versions of France 24 TV programming including France 24’s most popular segments including, THE DEBATE, EUROPE NOW, ENCORE!, and more.

– “RFI for Auto”: RFI (Radio France Internationale) is a French current affairs radio that broadcasts worldwide in French and 12 other languages. <<RFI Monde>> draws on the expertise of its Paris-based editorial teams and unique global network of 400 correspondents to provide news bulletins and features which give listeners the keys to understanding the world in French. Some 36.7 million listeners around the word tune into RFI every week (

-“MCD for Auto”: MCD (Monte Carlo Doualiya) is a French radio station that broadcasts in Arabic from Paris to Middle East on medium waves and FM. Its editorial team and worldwide network of correspondents provide coverage of world news and magazines, with a strong focus on culture, conviviality and interaction, to 7.5 million listeners every week. MCD is a radio station based on the values of universalism and freedom (

Later in 2015, each app will be enabled with the OnSay audio search engine to allow drivers to search for audio content by their voice. “We are pushing the envelope for what drivers can do in their vehicles, and we’re pleased to work with a major international brand such as France Médias Monde to showcase our audio search engine,” said Bruce Hopkins, Vice President of Business Development for BT Software and the Kaliki platform. The MirrorLink-enabled versions of the France 24, RFI, and MCD apps were announced during 2015 Geneva International Motor Show today.

“The brands of France Médias Monde are an ideal showcase for the variety of MirrorLink-enabled apps on today’s connected-driving landscape,” said Alan Ewing, President and Executive Director of the CCC. “Consumers have shown exceptionally high demand for in-vehicle app use and are actively searching for methods to do so in a manner that is both responsible and enjoyable. The MirrorLink-enabled versions of France 24, RFI, and MCD are great examples of the versatility of the MirrorLink platform.”

MirrorLink is the leading industry standard for car-smartphone connectivity and is designed for maximum interoperability between a wide range of smartphones and cars. MirrorLink is also the only OS- and OEM-agnostic standard for car-smartphone connectivity and the only vendor-neutral standard where no single entity has a controlling stake. MirrorLink thus offers the quickest global route to more responsible and enjoyable connected driving.

About the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)
The CCC is dedicated to cross-industry collaboration in developing MirrorLink® global standards and solutions for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity. The organization’s more than 100 members represent more than 80 percent of the world’s auto market, more than 70 percent of the global smartphone market and a who’s who of aftermarket consumer electronics vendors. For further information, please visit

About France Medias Monde
France Médias Monde, the group in charge of French international broadcasting services, comprises the trilingual news channel FRANCE 24, the international radio station RFI and the Arabic-language radio station Monte Carlo Doualiya. From Paris, they broadcast to the world in 14 languages. The group’s journalists and its unique network of correspondents offer viewers and listeners comprehensive coverage of world events, with a focus on cultural diversity and contrasting viewpoints via news bulletins, reports, magazines and debates. France Médias Monde is also a shareholder and partner of the French-language general interest TV channel TV5MONDE.

About BT Software
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, BT Software is a media and technology company and is the creator of The Kaliki Audio Newsstand. Kaliki partners with leading talk media publishers, broadcasters, and producers to convert their print and digital content into on-demand audio for use on mobile phones and in connected vehicles. BT Software is the creator of the OnSay audio search engine, which allows drivers to search inside audio streams with their voice. In select vehicles, Kaliki is featuring NavAds™ technology, which revolutionizes how brands will interact with consumers in vehicles. (


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