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Smartphone apps are typically not designed for use while driving. MirrorLink provides the solution to this challenge. It is the leading industry standard for car-smartphone connectivity, designed for maximum interoperability between a wide range of smartphones and cars. MirrorLink is also the only OS- and OEM-agnostic standard for the connected car.

Developers can publish once to reach the dashboards of multiple automakers, representing the broadest possible market. MirrorLink offers the fastest global route to a huge new market for automotive apps, and helps developers comply with regional driver distraction guidelines, overcome the challenges of designing driver-aware apps, and gain greater market exposure.

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If you are an interested MirrorLink application development, please click below to read the Mirrorlink Portal Agreement and register to gain access to the Developer Portal.

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We Give Immediate Access to the MirrorLink® Dashboard to all Android Media Content Providers!

CCC’s RockScout application gives your Android media application quick and simple access to the MirrorLink® dashboard.  By following our simple “how-to” guide, you can make your content available to MirrorLink users via the MirrorLink® RockScout application.  There’s no need for application certification or pre-authorization by CCC. You make the modifications to your code and upload the updated app to the app store.  Your users can start enjoying your content via RockScout immediately.

If you’d like CCC to include your application on our list of content providers available via RockScout, just notify us and we’ll verify that everything is working – it’s that simple.

Be aware that you cannot claim MirrorLink® certification for your application – but you can market the app as “MirrorLink® RockScout Compatible”.

To learn more, visit RockScout, by MirrorLink®. Download the tutorial on integrating RockScout into your application, including code snippets for use in your code, by visiting the Developers Workgroup of Causeway.

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