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Distributing MirrorLink compliant devices & apps

Consumers now rely on smartphone apps for almost every aspect of their daily lives. But apps are typically not designed for use while driving. The alternative platform for running applications in cars is the in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI) or head unit. However, this market is highly fragmented: each manufacturer offers its own proprietary, closed solution, typically with only a handful of pre-installed apps.

MirrorLink® is designed to provide the solution to these challenges. It is an open interoperability standard that enables apps on any compliant smartphone to work with any compliant IVI, regardless of operating system or hardware manufacturer. MirrorLink also ensures that apps used while driving conform to industry guidelines for minimizing driver distraction.



The next frontier for Apps, the Connected Car

Developers are already taking advantage of MirrorLink’s technology and market adoption to bring innovative driver-aware applications to consumers. Developers can publish once to reach the dashboards of multiple automakers, representing the broadest possible market.

RockScout, by MirrorLink®

CCC’s RockScout application gives your Android media application quick and simple access to the MirrorLink® dashboard.  By following our simple “how-to” guide, you can make your content available to MirrorLink users via the MirrorLink® RockScout application. To learn more about integrating RockScout, visit the Developer's Choice page.

Please click here for more information on the MirrorLink Specifications