November 2016 Members Meeting


The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) is dedicated to developing global standards for smartphone in-car connectivity. The CCC is also committed to the continued promotion and adoption of MirrorLink® certified products.  As part of this mission, the CCC holds three Members Meetings per year. Held across the world, these Members Meetings give CCC members the opportunity to connect with approximately 100 members during face-to-face working group meetings. These events could also include keynotes, product demos, networking activities and updates on recent accomplishments and roadmaps.

     November 14 - 17

     Bangkok, Thailand

 Below is a brief overview of what to expect from the November CCC Members Meeting.

November 14 - General Session & Technical Workshop

November 15 - Workgroup Meetings 

November 16 - Workgroup Meetings

November 17 - Workgroup Meetings

November 18 - Board of Directors Meeting

October 2016 Plugfest


TTA Korea and the CCC will hold a MirrorLink plugfest in Seoul, Korea October 10 - 14. Any CCC member with a MirrorLink device may attend this plugfest. In addition, any CCC member that has a MirrorLink App may attend this plugfest as well. App developers must bring a MirrorLink server with their app pre-installed.

This test event is mainly for informational purposes only so all MirrorLink products are encouraged to attend.  Remember, it is very important that all MirrorLink products (clients, servers and apps) interoperate in a user friendly manner and a plugfest is a great way to collaborate with other vendors to ensure that happens!    

MirrorLink 1.2 devices that implement HSML or WFD may apply their interoperability test results with other MirrorLink 1.2 products from this plugfest toward MirrorLink certification.  

A maximum of two products may be registered by a company. One server device per person. The plugfest is structured such that one person cannot test two servers. One person, however, may test two clients.

    October 10-14, 2016

    JW Marriott Hotel Seoul | Seoul, South Korea

  For product registration, click HERE.