Who are we ?

The CCC is a global collaboration to develop smartphone-based connected-car solutions. CCC members have created MirrorLink® – a technology standard for controlling a nearby smartphone from the steering wheel or via dashboard buttons and screens.

Our Mission and Vision

When it comes to cars and smartphones, the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) makes it possible to simply connect and ride. No matter the device or vehicle, the CCC wants connectivity to be easy and safety-conscious.
The CCC makes this possible via MirrorLink™, a standard for controlling handsets from the dashboard or steering wheel. Across certified cars and smartphones, consumers can access certified apps and other content from a familiar, ‘projected’ interface.

The CCC rigorously evaluates devices, cars and apps before granting certification. Users get a fun, compliant and hassle-free experience in return.

CCC Team

The CCC is governed by




MirrorLink™ Specification Download

Non-Member Access to Specification

For non-members, the MirrorLink Specification is available for purchase. If you are an app developer, please note that this is a specification for hardware development. You do NOT need it for MirrorLink application development.

To purchase the MirrorLink Specification, please email admin@carconnectivity.org.